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How does Profile Pensions trace my pension?
How does Profile Pensions trace my pension?

How Profile Pensions can help you find your lost pensions

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With people having an average of 11 jobs in a lifetime*, keeping on top of all your pension pots can be hard work. It is estimated that billions of pounds in pension savings have already been lost in the UK.

Profile Pensions has designed a service to help track down your pension pots. You can pick pensions you know about from a comprehensive list of providers, or if you think you may have a missing pension, you can simply request an HMRC pension trace to be arranged for you to track down your missing SERPS pensions.

So far, Profile Pensions has found over £150 million in missing pensions and finds on average £23,000 per policy located.**

** Based on 6,500 policies located since January 2017

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