There are no fees for signing or the investment recommendation you receive. You only pay if you decide to accept the recommendation and transfer your pensions.

At this point, if you accept the advice – and that decision is totally up to you – you will be charged a one-off arrangement fee of 1% of each policy transferred, which is deducted directly from your pot.

Is there any charge for speaking to an adviser?

There is no charge if you wish to discuss your investment recommendation with one of our expert advisers. Just book an appointment with them and they will talk you through everything in an easy to understand way. You are under no obligation to take our investment advice.

Are there any other charges?

We make our charges as transparent as possible. Our current annual ongoing fee is 0.83% which is deducted from your pension. This includes our ongoing advice to continuously manage and monitor your pension and is broken down in the following way.

Platform charge 0.12%. Fund charge 0.11%. Ongoing advice 0.6%

You will pay no other fees and charges to us.

Do you receive payments from elsewhere?

No, our only source of income are the fees that you pay us - we only work for you!

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