There are no up front fees for signing up to our service. It's only if you decide to transfer your pension to something better (and you're under no obligation to do so) that a percentage fee is taken from your pension. 

We'll only recommend a switch if our analysis shows that, including our fees, you'd be better off moving your pension. If you accept our advice, we charge a one off arrangement fee which is deducted from your pension

Our fee is taken as a percentage (between 1 and 3%) of the value of each pension policy. We will charge 3% on the first £25,000 , 2% on anything between £25,000 - £50,000 and 1% on anything over £50,000.  There is a maximum fee of £2.5k per policy. 

Why we charge in this way

We know that asking for an upfront fee without first showing the potential benefit puts people off taking financial advice. We want to make impartial pension advice available to everyone.

We know we can improve the vast majority of defined contribution pensions and we are confident you’ll be delighted with our work. If not, there is no fee to pay.

Are there any other charges? 

Provider charges (i.e platform + fund charges) : We choose the most suitable pension provider and funds from the whole of the market for you and pass this on at cost.  This is typically 0.34%* per year.

We offer an optional ongoing service to continuously review and monitor your pension.  The cost of this is 0.6%* per year.

You will pay no other fees and charges to us.

Do you receive payments from elsewhere?

No, our only source of income are the fees that you pay us - we only work for you!

*These charges are deducted from your pension

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